Parenting: 2 Manuscripts – Stirring the Nest, Stuff You Don’t Need

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An amazing two-in-one book bundle!

Stirring the Nest

All parents know that raising children can be challenging. But when they reach young adulthood and it’s time to send your children out into the world on their own, whether it’s to college or to join the workforce, you want them to be prepared to survive on their own.

Stirring the Nest is a helpful parenting guide that focuses on teaching responsibility to children who are finally moving out. This book will also help parents adjust to becoming empty nesters and show them how to enjoy each other again, without the kids around.

Stirring the Nest will show you:


  • How to handle your own life once the nest is empty
  • Teaching your children cooking skills
  • Safety while living solo
  • Paying bills and handling finances
  • The importance of boundaries if you and your grown child begin sharing a roof again
  • And much more!


Stuff You Don’t Need

Show your child how to live a more balanced life with this guide to raising a child in a gadget world!

Would you like your children to put down their electronics and listen to you?

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get your children outside playing and enjoying nature instead of inside their rooms playing with their electronics. It’s time to get your children back on track and enjoying life without all of the unnecessary distractions!


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