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Gareth of Ravenscar has always been skeptical of leaving it to fate to provide him with a mate, but everything changes when a feisty little human awakens an undeniable need within him.

Though she is a servant to one, Sloan has no desire to be the mate of a wolf, especially one as gruff and demanding as Gareth. But can she resist the call of the alpha fate has chosen for her?

3 reviews for Overlord

  1. Marybeth Renn

    I love this second book in the new series. It is amazing. I will admit that I thought that the mate for Gareth was Arielle. I laughed when I saw how wrong I was! It was Sloan who is his fated mate. Gareth, of course, is an overbearing male who will get his way no matter what. I do love these great male characters. Of course, their whole book is basically Sloan accepting that she is Gareth’s fated mate with a lot of action thrown in. Just the way I like it! I hope the next book is about Ruari and Arielle. There is a HEA. Listening to Jack Calihan narrate this book is even better!

  2. Kimberly Howe

    Sloan is definitely a feisty brat but she is also a woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. Gareth scents Sloan and he knows immediately she is his mate. She bolts and tries to make a run for it…even though we all know it is inevitable she had to try. Fighting a losing battle with herself and with Gareth Sloan endings up giving in and falling in love…they always do 😉 I loved how the other characters intermingle and we get to see them dispersed throughout the story. This leads you to believe there is more…no cliffhanger but potential for more. I love this author’s writing style and love the narrators voice and style. Can’t wait for more from both!

  3. Christi Fowler

    Title: Overlord
    Author: Delta James
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Jack Calihan
    Genre: Romance, Shifter (Wolf), D/s
    Standalone: yes
    Part of a Series: Same World as Warlord (and I think Virgin Tribute)
    POV: Mostly Gareth and Sloan
    Steam Level: Hot

    Overlord is set in the same world as Warlord and has some intermingling characters. If you’ve read Warlord then you see one of the same scenes (the climax of Warlord is the starting point for Overlord’s story). I liked how Delta James used the prologue as the epilogue to Gareth and Sloan’s story. I love the characters, especially the strong, independent females who try their matte’s patience quite frequently.

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