Outer Red – Part 4: At The End Of The Well: Jeff Walker’s Outer Red Book 1

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The mission ends in this final part of the series! 

The Outer Red series is fantastic science fiction/fantasy spin on a classic fable.

After discovering the real Grand Mar is being held prisoner by her evil clone, Commander Red Huntsman becomes a prisoner herself and tries to figure out how to escape while locked away in the depths of a hidden bunker below the planet. The Dominion of Wolves have joined forces with this evil clone woman, and her child-Pegg clone army, as they prepare to launch a united full scale assault on the Galactic Kingdom. The fate of The Goldilocks, Grimm and Android Pegg are unknown to the brave female commander, but she is determined to complete her mission without them, if need be. The real Grand Mar and Red must work together to search for the legendary “wishing well”, an ancient portal that can transport anyone or anything to anywhere in the galaxy. Its location is hidden somewhere on the surface of the planet, and only Grand Mar knows of where it lies.

The race is on to find the “wishing well-gate” first and complete the mission to warn the Galactic Kingdom of the coming invaders. But, without a ship, and without her computer AI companion, Grimm, Commander Red fears she might not make it on her own. Could this be the end? Is there truly no way of stopping these Wolf Hunters and Pegg Clones from their dastardly plans to conquer the galaxy? Join the adventure as the brave heroine battles adversaries on all sides, escaping their clutches, and desperately tries to finish the mission she started, in what could be her final journey!

If you like the space-opera style of Star Wars, a new angle on fairytales and fables, and are looking for fun action-packed characters—then look no further. Jeff Walker has created a bold new universe for you to enjoy listening to.

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1 review for Outer Red – Part 4: At The End Of The Well: Jeff Walker’s Outer Red Book 1

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Commander Red Huntsman continues in her quest to warn the Galactic Kingdom of the impending invasion. Only now she’s imprisoned in the bowels of planet without many options. The Grand Mar is found, but controlled by her evil clone. How will Red turn the tables and save the day?!? Listen and learn.

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