Outer Red – Part 1: Off The Given Path

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Jeff Walker’s Outer Red. A fantastic new science fiction/fantasy spin on a classic fable. Enter a world where a young female ship captain is sent to retrieve information vital to the Galactic Kingdom; a new threat has emerged, and the galaxy is in danger.

Can she and her computer companion – GRIMM – get back onto the charted path and return home? Or will they be hunted down and killed before the mission can be completed?

Listen to part one of this four part adventure!

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2 reviews for Outer Red – Part 1: Off The Given Path

  1. Norma Miles

    Never stray from the path.
    A female commander is sent to the outer parts of the universe to receive information vital to the peace. She must not fail.
    Interesting narration by Dana Dae, with the computer AI voiced with broken individual word sentences.
    This is the first part of a four part serial with variations on fables/fairy stories, short and quick to read. Curious, descriptive, but without much substance.
    I received this book as a free download from Audible Unlimited

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Think of this as a 1-hour prequel to the rest of the series. Good idea of a lone girl who is the last of her type. She and her AI companion strive to complete a mission to save the galaxy. It does not go well, but we’ll find out more in parts 2-4.

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