Out of the Wild

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The rules say we can’t touch each other, but rules were made to be broken.

It’s been seven years since our plane crash landed. What started as 47 passengers has quickly dwindled to 32, and now that Christa is pregnant we risk losing her too.
If she had followed the rules none of this would have happened. Men and women are not to be alone together, prohibited to touch and sex is the ultimate taboo. I followed the rules, why couldn’t she?

I am determined to save her, even if it means leaving camp in pursuit of civilization. Even if it means travelling with Cade, the only man I’ve ever been tempted by.

The climate I can endure, the terrain, survivable, but the rules? They are one forbidden touch from being broken forever.

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1 review for Out of the Wild

  1. Amy Corbell

    After a plane crashes, the survivors are left to fend for themselves. Seven years pass and no one has come looking. This story is a forbidden romance since the group has rules in place that no one can touch each other. There are good reasons for these rules but Cade and Lena decide to leave the group in search for help but they face some challenges getting there. I have several unanswered questions for this standalone and I wanted to know more. Please let their be a 2nd book! The narrator was enjoyable and set a nice pace to the story..

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