Our Little Nest


Detective Adam Potter can’t be happier having Patrick move in with him. But there is a downside. Adam had asked his aristocrat to unpack his bags and boxes, and Patrick is accustomed to having servants do everything for him. 

Patrick Valdez is truly on cloud nine when Adam asked him to move in with him. But he is finding the transition into Adam’s world taxing. He misses having other people at his beck and call when he needs something done. Patrick lies to Adam about having a job interview to get out of unpacking. It all backfires when Patrick gets a job in a restaurant and sees his ex-boyfriend having coffee with his father. 

Wealthy businessman Yuri Jin hires Adam to bodyguard his new lover, Jamie. Adam learns that several attacks on Jamie’s life might have something to do with his stepfather from his hometown of WillowMoss. When he goes to investigate the isolated town, he finds a diner filled with beautiful men working there and an unwelcoming sheriff. 

Patrick wants nothing more than for his parents to accept Adam as his lover. He wants to forget his past mistakes and move on with Adam. Patrick’s parents invite Adam to their anniversary party, giving Patrick hope. That is until he finds out that Adam’s new upscale client is his ex-boyfriend, Yuri Jin. Between the party, bodyguarding, and the creepy WillowMoss investigation, Adam is stretched thin. Will he be able to keep Jamie safe when all while trying to keep peace at home and impress Patrick’s family?


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