Operation: Protected Angel


Angel Matthew’s day started like any other, until she ran into the armed man in the hallway at work. What came next was a blur, a hostage ordeal, a terrorist attack, explosions, gunfire, and a fight for her life. Then, she wakes with a head injury and finds herself in the custody of a group of armed men who won’t disclose exactly who they are. One of them, the attractive and attentive Jackson, is kind, and Angel finds herself falling for him.

Shepherd Security recruits only the best. They can protect someone in trouble like no other. They work in the shadows and outside the system where the rules don’t apply–just the oath they took. They don’t exist. That’s also why they can break any suspect and can get answers out of anyone accused. That’s when they’re called in, when someone must be protected at all costs, or when answers must be obtained by any means necessary. Sometimes, it’s not clear if the person in their custody is a witness or the perpetrator, or a friendly or a foe. Angel Matthews fits into this category–where exactly needs to be determined.

Warning: this story is realistic, with adult language and content. It does contain one scene of violence and abuse, followed by healing and strength on the way to the HEA.


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