Only an Alaskan Will Do


NHL star captain Dane Forrester thought he’d divorced his Vegas wife. But when Mallory ambushes him in his Alaskan hometown because there’s been a clerical error in their dissolution paperwork, he’s sure fate has intervened. She wants the documents signed again, but this time Dane isn’t going along with her request. 

This could be their second chance at happiness. 

Dane says he’ll sign, but only after Mallory spends two weeks with him at his family’s remote wilderness lodge. He’ll show her all the benefits of being married to him and he’ll use his family and the town to help. Yet, no matter the scheme, Mallory is determined to be free from him. 

Not used to failure, Dane’s always been a winner is every aspect of his life, but Mallory makes him question everything he believes in; from family, to commitment, to love, and what’s worth fighting for. Book 5 in the Alaskan Hero series.


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