One Starry Knight

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Sage Cassidy is falling for a boy from out of this world.


Her mom is an alcoholic with a taste for abusive boyfriends, her only friend at school quit talking to her, and the popular girls call her a freak. But none of that matters to 17-year-old Sage. Not since seven years ago when a mysterious boy named Adam pulled her from the dark depths of Lake Superior and gave her something to live for.


A best friend. A confidante. A first kiss.


When Adam appears in the lake one spring night in an explosion of light, Sage learns he is more than just the boy who visits every summer and leaves her to dream about him all winter. Adam is part alien, with a human mother and a powerful otherworldly father. 


Eighteen years ago, he was given permission to spend his summers with his mother. But the agreement ends this year, and unless Sage can find a way to keep him with her on Earth, Adam will be leaving… forever.

1 review for One Starry Knight

  1. Shan MC

    Listened to the story on Audible. Narrator did a good job; her girl voice is good and had a nice tone, but she makes the boys seem a bit dopey. Overall, she did a nice clear performance.

    Loved the alien aspect; some really interesting and unique ideas. Sage and Adam have been best friends for a long time; they both feel deeper feelings for the other, but it turns out things are going to be majorly complicated when aliens start getting involved. I really enjoyed the overall story idea, so I rounded up my 3.5 rating to a 4, but this was a bit too YA for my liking; too much YA cheesiness going on. A lot of the problems arise because of lack of communication and immaturity; too many stupid, petty jealousies, so it got annoying at times.

    The story moves a bit too slowly as well; lots of added side stuff that didn’t add to the story. There was too much stuff with her pathetic mother, and some scenarios seemed repetitive. Sage is too sappy and overly dramatic too, so that also gets annoying. She’s a teenager though, so I let her get away with some of it. A lot of the characters weren’t exactly people you want to hang out with, so comparatively, Sage wasn’t too bad. Adam is such a sweet guy, and I liked Sage and his connection. She was a little too sappy and mopey at times, but I think Adam is good for her.

    The ending isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but you’ll definitely need to read the rest of the series for a more complete ending. I’m excited for it! I hope the characters mature and the petty jealousies stop as the series continues. Overall, an entertaining read that kept me interested.

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