One Starry Knight


Sage Cassidy is falling for a boy from out of this world.


Her mom is an alcoholic with a taste for abusive boyfriends, her only friend at school quit talking to her, and the popular girls call her a freak. But none of that matters to 17-year-old Sage. Not since seven years ago when a mysterious boy named Adam pulled her from the dark depths of Lake Superior and gave her something to live for.


A best friend. A confidante. A first kiss.


When Adam appears in the lake one spring night in an explosion of light, Sage learns he is more than just the boy who visits every summer and leaves her to dream about him all winter. Adam is part alien, with a human mother and a powerful otherworldly father. 


Eighteen years ago, he was given permission to spend his summers with his mother. But the agreement ends this year, and unless Sage can find a way to keep him with her on Earth, Adam will be leaving… forever.


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