One Night with a Bear

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One night with a bear becomes so much more.

When Dr. Jade Barnes impulsively stops at a bar before leaving for a four month archaeology dig, she spends a single night with a stranger, not even learning his last name. When she slips away the next morning, she doesn’t realize she isn’t leaving alone.

When they meet again, Cody surprises her by how well he takes the news of impending fatherhood. There are further surprises awaiting, like the fact he’s a bear-shifter. Initially that terrifies her, but she soon appreciates his strength and protectiveness when someone targets her for an unknown, but nefarious, purpose.

Cody can protect her body, but it’s her heart in danger when the stubborn bear-shifter makes it known he’s going to claim her as his mate, and he’s not above using every dirty trick he knows – including killer foot massages and kisses that make her whole body tingle.

1 review for One Night with a Bear

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Excellent Short Story!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this excellent paranormal romance that is paired with mystery and suspense. The apprehension of who the perpetrator was kept me on edge. Logan McAllister did an excellent job in narrating this story. He totally brought this tale to life with his exceptional ability to give different voices to each of the characters.

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