One Last Sin

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The fiery crash of a private jet leaves a mystery in its wreckage. Alone in the devastation is a man, unhurt, who has no memory of the crash, himself, or his past. It is up to FBI Agent Gail Crane, Santa Maria Police Detective Darcie Devonshire, and ex-CIA Operative Morgan Garrett to solve the puzzle. Not an easy task, because for each question answered, two surface to take its place.

1 review for One Last Sin

  1. Darc Librarian

    The plot revolves around a man with amnesia who appears to be at the centre of an epic conspiracy where his lack of knowledge could get him and those around him including the woman he is falling in love with killed.

    I thoroughly recommend listening to this mystery thriller with no overt violence and hardly any sex. Although the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

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