One Hundred Secrets


Welcome back to Aspen Cove, the town where neighbors and friends have more value than money.

Social media darling Goldie Sutherland grew up in the limelight. As the daughter of an award-winning movie star, she learned early on how fickle fans can be. Her mother taught her that beauty opens far more doors than brains.

When her star power starts fading fast, she sets out to find a groom in a last-ditch effort to win back her dwindling fan base. Armed with nothing but a handful of cash and desperation, she rides into Aspen Cove searching for Prince Charming, but ends up with a mountain man. 

Can her fake Mr. Wrong turn out to be Mr. Right?

Tilden Cool came to Aspen Cove to get answers. After finding his great-great-grandmother’s diary, he needs to uncover the truth about a long-ago murder that changed his ancestor’s lives forever. 

He discovers that clearing his family’s name will cost a lot more than he bargained for, so when a beautiful woman in a wedding dress offers him cash for a favor, he agrees. But as he gets to know Goldie Sutherland, he realizes no good deed goes unpunished. 

They both have secrets. They both tell lies. Somewhere in between is love, but can they open themselves up to the truth to find it?

Find out in One Hundred Secrets.


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