One Hundred Goodbyes


Welcome back to Aspen Cove, the town where a stranger is simply a friend you haven’t met…

Eden Webster has always been generous to a fault. The word “no” isn’t in her vocabulary. That’s how, at 28, she finds herself homeless, alone, and pregnant in Aspen Cove. 

Abandoned by the one person she should have been able to count on – her sister Suzanne – she’s forced to accept the generosity of strangers. The last thing she expects is to meet Mr. Right at exactly the wrong time. 

Handsome firefighter Thomas Cross lives by one rule: Never trust a woman with your heart. After months of waiting for his baby to be born, he’s delivered the truth of his girlfriend’s betrayal. 

When Doc Parker asks him to put Eden up for a few months until her baby is born, he’s certain he’ll be able to keep his distance. But the more time they spend together, the more he realizes love is not something that can be overruled by logic.

Will Thomas allow room in his heart for Eden and her baby, or will he go back to being the man who cannot trust? 

Find out in One Hundred Goodbyes.

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