One Christmas Night


A special Hades’ Spawn Christmas novella – perfect for any time of the year! 

Luke and Emily have each other and their toddler son, but every other relationship in their lives is strained – the result of the violent events revolving around the Spawn and the club’s president two years before. 

When the president of Hades’ Spawn, Oakie Walker, insists Luke and Emily host the club’s Christmas party, Luke’s not very happy. Though he was reinstated as a member of the Spawn, and maintains their clubhouse, he spends only the time he has to with the club. 

Emily’s adoptive father, Sam Dougherty, makes no bones that biker Luke is not good enough for his daughter, while her biological father, Rob, wants to get closer to her and his grandson and no one but Emily is happy about it. Add to the mix that the president of a rival motorcycle club, the Rojos, does everything he can to create the impression that Luke will join his gang, and you have a recipe for one explosive Christmas party. 

Can Luke and Emily negotiate the tricky currents of the demands from those around them? Or will it damage their relationship if they do?


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