Once She Saw…Bats

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Miss Araminta enjoys taking a week’s holiday every fall. She always goes to the Pioneer House Bed and Breakfast near Triune, Tennessee, which is owned by her good friends Mark and Felicia Rollins.

This time, Miss Araminta finds a scene of consternation and turmoil when she starts to check in. Police Detective Davis is talking to her hostess, and both seem upset. They quickly tell her that a guest died in one of the upper rooms during the night, and his room had been vandalized by some force that did not disturb any other guest.

The guest, one Vincent Hartnet, had apparently died of fright. Davis needs Miss Araminta’s sharp eyes and her trusty laptop computer to get to the bottom of this case.

2 reviews for Once She Saw…Bats

  1. Julie Howard

    I wasn’t sure about this book because I thought it was going to be more science fiction, you know about vampires but it caught my eye so I thought I would give it ago. I can safely say no vampires just real bats and a fun mystery. I enjoyed it but the only down side is I wish it could have been longer because 3 hours 16 minutes isn’t very long to get to know the characters before it is over, especially as the narrator spoke to slowly and I had to increase the speed. Other than that it was fun and I liked the unusual plot line.
    Araminta arrives for a holiday to find a policeman that she has worked with before consoling her grief stricken friend and owner of the hotel. A guest had died the night before In strange circumstances and nobody heard a thing. They is blood that doesn’t belong to the victim in the room but he it seems died of fright. Araminta is soon investigating to help save the reputation of her friends hotel. The man wasn’t a nice man and she soon uncovers that there was plenty of people with a reason to kill him. But did he really deserves to die that way?
    The narrator was good, once I speeded up the recording before I found the pauses between the words to long and dragged out.
    I was give this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunlead and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Nicollette Blackeagle

    The storyline is quite unique with a bunch of quirky characters. A guest dies of fright and leaves no family behind that is when his dubious past is uncovered. A whole cast of characters would have a reason to want him dead but who had the actual means to do it. I loved this storyline because like I said it was unique and the characters most of them were quirky or just plain nuts. The only problem I had was the narrator she was just to slow and that kind of killed it for me a little. I received this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and this is my honest unbiased review.

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