Ollie Wit Box Set: Books 1-3

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People tell you the monsters in the closet aren’t real. They’re wrong.

Get all three books in this urban fantasy romance.

A Step Into the Dark (Ollie Wit, Book One)

Ollie Wit is the strongest Shadow Walker born in decades, but it’s a gift with a steep price.

Walking in the Shadowlands can bring untold powers and spells, and even greater risks. Every step into that other world brings her closer to the monsters that have haunted her since a child, destroyed her family, and wreaked havoc all around her.

Kane knows Ollie is the key to getting the spell he needs and he’s the answer to ending her torment. But it’s a bargain that brings her closer to her own destruction. Even if she succeeds, will she be able to walk away from the newfound power that comes with walking in the Shadowlands?

Walking in the Dark (Ollie Wit, Book Two)

Some people find power in the light. Others are meant to walk in the dark.

Ollie Wit left it all behind: a new home, friends who saw her as something more than a fragile shadow walker, and a budding relationship with Kane. She did it all in an effort to shield Asher, who should’ve never been able to escape the Shadowlands.

Now her money is gone, her hopes of saving other shadow walkers has slipped through her fingers, and Kane won’t speak to her. She’s been abducted by leprechauns, who think she has committed an unspeakable crime. The vampires want her dead, and there’s a crawler blowing up End of the Rainbows. Kane might not want to work with her, but he’s going to have to because all hell is breaking loose in Boston.

Kissed by the Dark (Ollie Wit, Book Three)

Life with Kane is wonderful, right up until it’s not. People like me, Shadow Walkers, who know that monsters are real and nightmares don’t only happen when you’re sleeping, are always waiting for the worst. But no one believes me when I tell them disaster is looming, not even Kane, the man who has seen more than I can imagine.

When the worst does happen, I’m not prepared. Months of my life are wiped from my memory, strangers call me friend, and it looks like I’m conspiring with the enemy. I need a backup plan. Only problem is, if I have one I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything, like who to trust and who to hate. Someone screwed with my life, and they’re going to pay. But do I trust Kane to help me when all I can remember is that I hate him?

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2 reviews for Ollie Wit Box Set: Books 1-3

  1. Tami Craig

    Ollie Wit Box Set by Donna Augustine and narrated by Angel Clark is a complete trilogy.
    We meet Olivia Wit, aka Ollie our FMC and Kane our MMC. Ollie finally finds out she isn’t crazy and the monsters she has seen her entire life are real. Kane is something not human but the tension that runs between these 2 is absolutely physical even in audio format. We meet several other characters that end up adoring Ollie as only friends can and its always interesting around The Underground, the bar that hosts all kinds of supernaturals.
    Jump into this twisted series that is so far in my reading, a completely unique storyline.
    Would I listen to this again? yes
    Would I recommend this to others? yes

  2. Donna-Marie Liney

    I knew nothing about this book before I started listening and I have to say I really did enjoy it. A great story with great narration. Well worth a listen and looking forward to listening to more of Donna’s works

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