Olive Park: The Park Trilogy, Book 1


A picture in a small black frame…

A knotted rope…

An abandoned carnival…

The Olive Park Murders. Some say the most horrific unsolved case in California history.

1997 – Olive Park, California – the bodies of three children are found buried in shallow graves, brutally murdered. One of the most intensive investigations in California history fails to find any trace of the killer and the case goes cold.  

Fifteen years later – the newly formed Ongoing Investigation Division, charged with closing cold cases, is handed as its very first case – the Olive Park Murders. Detectives Stan Wyld and Jake Steiner, together with assistant Mallory Dimante, reopen the Olive Park case and find nothing new, until their examination of the original burial site turns up one chilling piece of evidence that proves Olive Park is no longer just a cold case about three dead children. 

The truth is much worse. For the twisted killer of Olive Park has never stopped and has already chosen its next victim. And no one will be able to protect her. No one.


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