Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus

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Winner of the 2018 ABR Listeners Choice Award for best in humor!

A collection of absurdist and thought-provoking stories from the author’s Return to the Dirt, Just Speculating, and more, including unreleased, exclusive, audio-only content! Performed by a cast of award-winning and Audie® nominated narrators. Fans of the macabre, dark humor, and cerebral
thrillers are guaranteed a good listen.

Occupational Hazards is an unflinching ride through the absurdity of it all. Existentialism, absurdism, and outlandish humor merge with ordinary, workaday life for a truly unique perspective of the human experience. Not recommended for the faint of heart or easily offended. But if meaty stories are what you’re after….

We hope you’re hungry.

2 reviews for Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus

  1. David S

    As an Asian American reading this, I found two of the stories particularly offensive. The first one, by itself, was strange and not particularly offensive in and of itself. It portrayed Chinese people as aliens with antennae or something. The story immediately following, however, had a racist old grandmother who made some particularly nasty comments about Chinese people. Taken by themselves, I wouldn’t have minded; but both of them back to back is too much racism for me.

  2. Sebastian Lopez-Pardo

    I never get tired of saying it, Geoff Sturtevant and Paul J Mcsorley is the perfect combination, thank you very much for the quality of your work.

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