Nothing Gray About Fifty

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These couples’ escapades haven’t cooled with age. They’re hotter than ever and anything but average….

Just how close can two happily married couples become?

Joe and Elaine, along with their friends with benefits, Mika and John, return for the second helping of Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe. Away from the bedroom, the four souls share mutual pleasures while discovering new and exciting passions. Another fantasy is fulfilled when a night out results in a sexy surprise reunion with a very special friend. But things really heat up as the couples begin celebrating birthdays together. Age is just a number but hitting the half century mark has never been hotter than this.

2 reviews for Nothing Gray About Fifty

  1. Cindy Andrews

    Another highly erotic short story with Joe and Elaine and their steamy sexcapades. They are here to show that sex only gets better with age. I love this series but am disappointed that the rest of these books are not on audio. Elliott Daniels does an excellent job bringing this story to life.

  2. J Reed

    This is more like an episode than a book. Joe and Elaine are pursuing their enhanced sexual life. The first book should be read before you start this one. All the characters are introduced there. Joe and Elaine are starting to ask more questions of about this new sexual life they are living and plus being a little curious about more. The birthday plans are entertaining. The series seems to lean more toward the female satisfaction and issues. Overall it is a good quick story. There is a lot of territory covered in a small amount of words but it works very well. The narrator, Elliott Daniels does a great job as he smoothly tells the story.

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