Not Really Dead

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One number, one letter: 3D. Two characters, nine cuts, their edges always crossing, carved sharply into Danielle’s bleeding flesh. She’d seen it before. On his other victims’ bodies.

The crimes: horrifying

After a high-profile victim survives a brutal attack in her own home, FBI special agent Tess Winnett accepts to handle the investigation off-book. With every question she asks, the truth unveiled poses more questions, but leads to only one possible conclusion: The Word Killer is back.

The evidence: disturbing

The Word Killer has emerged after years of absence, more blood-thirsty and vicious than ever. Yet, his identity remains hidden, a mystery figure among the city’s millions, despite DNA evidence left at each crime scene. An impulsive murderer, disorganized and lightning-fast, fueled by an all-consuming rage that cannot be quenched. The worst kind of killer there is.

Then, why did his latest victim survive? Why was Danielle still alive?

The memories: agonizing

A strong sense of deja-vu brings unwanted memories from a buried past Tess never wanted to relive. But if she wants to save the lives at stake when the killer’s latest deadline expires, she has to embrace who she has once been: the victim, the survivor, the fighter.

If she makes one mistake, lives will be lost. If she doesn’t see him coming, lives will be lost. And the blood will be on her hands.

The best-selling author of The Watson Girl is back with another suspenseful, gripping crime thriller. If you’re a fan of David Baldacci, Melinda Leigh, and James Patterson, you will enjoy Leslie Wolfe’s enthralling police procedural that will keep you listening until dawn.

1 review for Not Really Dead

  1. Julie Howard

    I still loved it. I read the book when it first came out and hoped it would be released on audible but with it being a novella (a lot shorter than normal) I wasn’t sure it would, I was pleasantly surprised to see it had and I just had to get it. Glad I did it was fun reading it but with Gwendolyn as the narrator the story just comes alive. I love Tess, with her take no nonsense attitude but In this book you see her a bit more vulnerable as the case hits a little close to home. I like the way she works out the clues left by the killer but I still wish it had been longer mainly because I didn’t want the story to end so quickly. Can’t wait for the next Tess book.
    Tess is in trouble with her boss again, this time for shooting a suspect and he wants her to look into a financial fraud case but how can she do that when another serial killer is roaming the streets killing woman. The only clues he leaves behind are the letters and numbers carved into the victims backs and the words he paints on the walls in there blood. That is until now. One of the victims isn’t dead and begs Tess for help to keep her attack secret. Can Tess work out the reason for the carvings and stop a killer before he strikes again? A killer that she shouldn’t be investigating. Going it alone is normal for Tess as she works best on her own but can she do it on a case that brings back so many memories of her own attack.
    Gwendolyn is such a great narrator and one of my favourites, so combine a excellent narrator with a great book and you get a five star book, if only it was a longer story so the magic could last.

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