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It’s been 15 years since Noose Holcomb perpetrated the Buzzard’s Edge Train Robbery of 1872, leaving Rory Daggett an orphan. Settled in with a new family and a second chance at life, Rory never quite sheds the thirst for revenge.

When one of the gang members returns to Buzzard’s Edge, Rory’s life is violently upended once more. Capturing the rogue spurs on a furious chain of events that pits Rory against each member of Noose’s gang, every one more twisted and terrifying than the last, in order to work his way to their leader.

With the help of a fellow orphan whose life Noose turned upside down and the town’s sheriff, Rory will stop at nothing to be the man who ends Noose’s reign of terror, but can he do it without becoming the man he seeks to kill?

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  1. Jerry Harkey

    The author warns you up front that isn’t going to pretty. Noose is a very bad man, with a bad gang, and kills a trainload of people including 8-year-old Rory’s parents. Years later Rory is grown up and using his deputy status to seek revenge. It isn’t easy and it isn’t pretty. There’s a lot of people going to die in the process, and the end isn’t clear until the final pages.

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