Everyone needs to be a hero at one point in their life. 

The small town of Elliot Lake will never be the same again. Six friends have become five and one is to blame, leaving the four remaining to pick up the pieces of their lives and try to carry one. 

While mourning the death of their friend, Rylee, and dealing with Kieran’s betrayal, Zoe, Heidi, Brent, and Seth all go to Mexico with Zoe’s father for their winter break. While there, they discover Zoe’s father has kept a few secrets of his own, and after Kieran secretly visits, Zoe begins to suspect that there’s more to the story of Rylee’s death than there seems. 

Despite having a good time in Mexico, the past events come back to haunt them when they return to Elliot Lake. With tempers flaring and the sting from Kieran’s betrayal still fresh in their minds, the friends begin to doubt if they can even trust each other. As the group begins to fall apart, something dark and sinister makes itself known in Elliot Lake. 

Zoe knows she’s being followed, but by whom, she’s not sure. Kieran tries to solve Rylee’s murder to protect his friends, but can only go so far before risking being caught by the police. However, after Heidi is trapped in a robbery, it becomes apparent that they need to stick together and work as a team once again if they ever want to survive. 

An incredulous group of heroes. A traitor in the midst. Some dreams are written in blood.


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