No Matter What: A Clean Billionaire Romance, Book 4


He has no problem with his stepbrother’s new girlfriend. Until he meets her. 

Being a pilot is all Reece has ever wanted to do. Flying is in his blood. After graduating from the Naval Academy, he went on to have a distinguished military career before joining the family business. He took over the top spot at Diamond Jet Service when his father decided he’d rather spend his days on the golf course than run a billion-dollar charter company. The only area in his life where he lags behind the curve is finding a soulmate. His sister loves to tell him that he’s good at everything except love. He didn’t believe it until he was introduced to his stepbrother’s girlfriend. That’s when he realized the heart has a mind of its own.

She has a big problem with her boyfriend’s stepbrother. Until she gets to know him. 

Robin never thought leaving her sunglasses sitting on the counter at the dry cleaners would lead to finding the man of her dreams. Along with being kind, dedicated, and scary-smart, Wade isn’t put off by her background or lack thereof. It’s too bad his stepbrother is the notorious Reece Diamond. Robin might have dismissed the rumors surrounding the playboy billionaire if she hadn’t heard a firsthand account of his jerk-worthy behavior. 

As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. Crossing paths with the hotshot pilot is inevitable. Hopefully, it’ll be later rather than sooner. Robin has no use for men who make a career out of playing the field and don’t care how many broken hearts they leave in their wake.

A story about first impressions, first loves, and everything in between.



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