No Looking Back

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Landon and I parted ways five years ago, ending an eight-year relationship that I’d thought would last forever. Then the virus came and everything disappeared, along with my hope of ever being reunited with the man I never stopped loving. 

When he showed up at our settlement eight months after the world ended, I felt like I’d been handed a second chance. But my joy was short-lived when a simple decision I’d made months earlier came back to haunt me. Now everything I’ve worked to build was being threatened, including the life of the only man I’ve ever loved.

Thankfully, I’ve never been one to give up without a fight….

1 review for No Looking Back

  1. M Phelps

    I love this series. Each story has so much into each short story. This storyline was great to have exes reconnection during such a crazy time. Megan Engeseth did an amazing job! I love Kate L. Mary’s writing of this world. Highly recommend

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