Nightmare (Book 1/7)


Enormous waves erasing the coast. A city in flames crumbling into the wake. The girl in the red dress whose face cannot be seen. 

Aurora Lockhart has been tormented by horrifying nightmares of an apocalyptic flood since the disappearance of her mother several years ago. Even by day, the images haunt her, signs of something catastrophic revealing themselves despite her efforts to suppress their influence. 

The sea approaches….

Aurora knows the dreams aren’t real. This doesn’t stop her from leaving it all behind, moving to Port City, the largest urban area in Maine, to pursue an art degree, live with her best friend, and start over. 

The storm is coming….

Something’s wrong, though, and signs point to the unthinkable. Can Aurora awaken from the nightmare, or will the city be swallowed by the sea?


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