Curious about NFTs and how they work? Are you wondering why artists and crypto-type art are selling at an all-time high in this modern way? Are you considering creating your NFTs? Want to be great at it? Keep on reading. Whether you wish to be educated on this system, understand how blockchain works, or consider your own NFT marketplace, this book has lots of knowledge. Many aspects of the NFT system have more reason and meaning than what you see on the surface. 

This book will first introduce you to the basics of blockchain, its function, and you will further discover:


  • What is blockchain
  • Blockchain smart contracts
  • Different networks with their pros and cons 
  • Introduction to NFTs
  • How to claim your NFT
  • How to make money from NFTs 
  • The future of NFTs 
  • Risk vs return verifications 

If you are serious about NFTs, this book will show you all of the best practices to fine-tune your success and give you the knowledge you need for future crypto developments. 

Nothing to lose, but everything to gain for your future transactions and research!

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