NFI: New Frontiers, Incorporated


New Frontiers, Inc., is leading the drive to conquer space. Overcoming opposition from powerful and jealous nations is only the beginning.

What of the alien society that left those mysterious beacons in the asteroid belt? They’re still here, and they’re not happy….

If you liked John Ringo’s Troy Rising trilogy, you’ll enjoy Jack Knapp’s New Frontiers series.

“…much more action, skulduggery, etc. Plenty of new tech, lots of spying and back door deals…we may be on the eve of WWIII. Try these, you’ll love ‘em.” – Kay McNeely

“Knapp has a way of keeping you hooked. I couldn’t put down book 1 or book 2 until I’d finished. He can’t release book 3 fast enough!” – CB

“If you love hard science fiction that is current and believable then this is it!” – Allen

Book 2 in The New Frontiers Series


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