Need Love


Tony Rivers, aka Antonio Rivera, has worked his way out of crushing poverty with one incredible stroke of luck. 

He took advantage of his full scholarship to a pricey arts college, turning an early education in dance, courtesy of his mother, into a full range of theater skills, including acting and singing. Where Tony shone best was in choreography, and he quickly made a name as a talent who could make bad productions into winners. When he gets the call to fix the choreography of a new show in New York, Tony doesn’t hesitate to take the job. 

What he doesn’t know, though, is that two people from his past also work on the show. One is the man who made his first semester at college utter hell – Blake Smithson. The other is the girl who crushed Tony’s heart, and still haunts his dreams…Allison Holbrook. 

Allison “Allie” Holbrook is a rich man’s daughter who wants nothing more than to get out from under the controlling thumb of her father. 

Finding a talent for musical theater in her first year of college enticed her into the heady world of Broadway shows. Landing a job as an understudy for the lead role of Pride and Folly is her chance to do just that. Only, the show’s bombing badly. 

When Tony Rivers, her first-semester college love, shows up at the theater, her first response is to run. Her powerful father gave her a choice at the end of her first semester: leave the school and Tony or he would ruin Tony’s career. Though it broke her heart, she chose to leave Tony. 

Now she faces a more mature, more handsome version of his college self and she finds she’s more in love with him than ever. Except she has a secret that makes getting back with Tony impossible. 

Can Tony and Allison find the path back to each other? 


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