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Goddess, a ghost is trying to kiss me. And I kinda want him to. Are you sleeping on the job again?

You think you’re having a bad day? Jaz Neck is suddenly being stalked by ghosts. 
She thought things were bad when she lost her magic and was ostracized by her so-called friends. As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

After struggling to reclaim her magic, she makes herself even more of a freak by becoming the only necromancer in existence. Nothing like giving the bullies at Highborn Academy a fresh supply of ammunition to harass her with…. 

The only upside to her spiraling social status is the shocking revelation that she’s been linked with three soulmates: a ghost, a lycan, and a warlock. But will their combined strength be enough to protect her from the dark forces rising?

4 reviews for Neck-Romancer

  1. Mia Harper

    I loved this book, it was so dry and snarky it had me laughing out loud, Jaz was wonderfully outspoken and grumpy and at a complete loss at the sudden manifestation of her magic and mates. I can’t wait for book 2, to see what’s next for the group, the narration was great. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Amber Alverson

    I love the content and the premises of this audiobook. The narration was excellent. Valentina Ortiz brought the book to life making the characters pop.
    My one complaint is how the audiobook just suddenly ended. I don’t mind cliffhangers, however, this just seemed to cut off awkwardly.
    Thanks to Audiobooks Unleashed for the promotional in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

  3. Kay Spriggs

    I was given this book free for an honest review .

    Jaz was unable to reclaim her magic and people think she’s weird then her magic awakens and she’s a necromancer so now they think she’s an even bigger freak.
    Loved this Jaz is so funny and takes bull from no one then she finds out she has 3 soulmates a ghost , a lycan and a wizard what can go wrong .

  4. Tera Comer

    This author loves writing quirky characters that make me laugh and pull me into the pages. Jaz has so many problems in her life and her attitude shows it. She lost her magic for some unknown reason and while visiting her grandmother she finds out she’s the first necromancer in four hundred years and that’s why she’s been seeing ghost for a long time. I can not wait to read/listen to the next book in this series to see what happens next. The narrator does a fantastic job

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