Naughty – Gay Romance – Boxed Set


This boxed set includes three of Jamie Lake’s best-selling naughty gay romance short novels. 

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Why can’t he keep his mind off of him? Sure, Dane is a blond Adonis, charming as all get-out, with a deep Southern drawl that makes Kevin want to mount him here and now. Sure, they have a connection that is undeniable, but there’s also one little problem. Dane is his best friend Cecily’s boyfriend, and even if Kevin’s gaydar is accurate and Dane does feel the same way that he does, Kevin just can’t go there. Or can he? In this book Jamie Lake presents us with another one of his fantasies loosely based on true events of the past. This is a short novel with 15,500 words. 

Me & Her Son

Will has admired him from afar for so long. His tall athletic build, those massive arms and ripped abs. He knows it’s wrong to admire his stepmom’s handsome son, Brent, but he can’t help himself, especially since they’re both in the same high school. What he doesn’t realize is that this hot quarterback on the high school football team has been looking in his direction, too, and perhaps their admiration may be mutual. This is a short gay romance M/M novel with 7,000 words, a 30 minute listen. 

Me & My Brother-in-Law

How can he resist this hot piece of man action, even if he is his very own brother-in-law? This is a short gay romance M/M novel with 17,000 words, a 30 minute listen. 

Are you naughty enough to listen to these stories? 

If you are looking for a full-length novel, please do not purchase this boxed set.


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