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A surprising tale of male beauty and moneyed the unexpected consequences…

Jessie is an extremely handsome Southern charmer who has been trying his hand as a fashion model. Suddenly his world comes crashing down, just as it seems he might end up in bankrupt, homeless – he receives an extraordinary offer to get paid to live in a billionaire’s penthouse for a year, the catch is he must live naked.

Jessie Maddox is more than tempted, he wants to escape his life, but what is he escaping in to? The legal contract seems straightforward, as much as an arrangement to be a living artwork can be, he will have plenty of private time, his own suite, and sex is not part of the deal, so why not?

Fletcher Watchman heir to a vast fortune, is an lonely artistic soul who patronizes the art world, he has many male nudes in his collection, but Jessie will be his first live one. He loves his art collection, but will he love this unusual new addition?



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