Mystery Snow and Mistletoe

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Brenda Sheffield at age forty-six is as excited as a young twenty year old thinking of her upcoming wedding. Christmas Eve will present two weddings since her best friend Phyllis Lindsey will participate in a double wedding with her. It isn’t until Phyllis tells Brenda of her only wish for a wedding gift that Brenda finds herself involved in a crime that happened five years ago. Phyllis’ brother Patrick disappeared one hot July day soon after he began working in Edward Graham’s law office. According to Phyllis, Patrick loved his job and though had a restless past, he would never just leave town without telling his sister. The more Phyllis talks the sooner Brenda vows to find out what happened to Patrick. She enlists her fiance’s help, Detective Mac Rivers, who tells her it is the one cold case he hopes to one day solve. When Phyllis’ fiancé William Pendleton hands boxes of decorations that once belonged to his deceased wife to Brenda to use at the bed and breakfast. She and her father Tim Sheffield go to her apartment in Sheffield Bed and Breakfast and begin to go through the boxes. They are astonished to find letters that appear threatening from the local Mailman Pete Graham to Lady Pendleton. The more they delve into the boxes the more convinced they are that people they once felt upright, were not who they pretended to be. That is, unless Lady Pendleton’s husband is involved. Brenda must find the answer before her good friend and Housekeeper at the bed and breakfast marries the wrong man. She knows Patrick won a rare lawsuit against Lady Pendleton and thinks something around that issue caused him to simply disappear without a trace. Could it be that the Mailman, and boyfriend to Phyllis’ daughter Molly, be involved? There are other suspects that come to mind as Brenda delves deeper into the mystery. The day she finds footprints in fresh snow becomes the turning point for her. Is Patrick Lindsey dead or alive?

1 review for Mystery Snow and Mistletoe

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Back in our favorite township, with two happy couples counting down to their wedding day.
    One thing marred the happiness and Brenda, in her usual intrepid way, set forth to solve a five year old mystery.
    The whole town is dumb founded, when what had been happening was revealed.
    Yes, you need to read (or listen) to this intriguing yarn.

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