Mystery At The Groomers

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There’s a new dog groomer in Cottonwood Springs, and Brigid’s delighted! No more taking her dogs, Jett and Lucky, to an out-of-town groomer.

But there are a few problems, like broken statues, dug-up plants, and a very bad word written on a window.

Joss, the owner of Happy Paws Grooming, thinks it’s probably just the work of neighborhood kids, and doesn’t want to pursue it. But what if it isn’t? What if someone has more sinister plans in store for the groomer?

Brigid becomes concerned, not only for the safety of the groomer, but also for the neighbors. Because, the more she and Sheriff Davis discover, the more certain they are that someone intends to seriously harm the groomer.

During their investigation, they uncover family feuds, revenge for a dog being too friendly, and a person seriously depressed from the death of her mother.

Then, when Brigid plans a baby shower for her good friend, Missy, and the mother-to-be goes into labor during it, life becomes a little more hectic than she’d planned!

If you like to feel good at the end of a book, and like a good cozy mystery with dogs and recipes, this one’s for you.

This is the 16th book in the Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series, by a USA Today best-selling author.

1 review for Mystery At The Groomers

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book but it is more focused on the drama of the characters lives than a mystery. Normally I would be complaining get back to the mystery but as this is book 16 in the series and I know the characters so well, I did actually enjoy it. The series is full of great characters and this book is no exception.The author unusually went for no dead bodies in this book, I kept expecting it hence the four stars, instead it’s a case of vandalism. Which gave her plenty of opportunity for the main character to plan a baby shower. Don’t get me wrong there is an investigation and plenty of questioning, as well as a few suspects. I did think the story would have contained a few funny moments with the dogs at the groomers but alas not, a missed opportunity? Never the less worth a listen.
    It hard to find the time to take two dogs to the groomers every month when you are working and with a teenage daughter at home. So when Brigid discovers a new groomer has opened up in town, she books an appointment. She arrives to discover the owner washing off graffiti from her windows. The owner is quick to blame local kids but Brigid doesn’t like the feel of it or the message and thinks she should take it more seriously. The next time she arrives it is to find the vandal has struck again, this time digging up flowers and destroying statues. Once again the owner doesn’t want to get the police involved but not even planning a surprise baby shower for a friend can take Brigid’s mind off the strange goes on. Is she right to worry?
    I like the narrator. She keeps the story lively and entertaining.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and Have voluntarily left this review.

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