My Falkland Islands Life One Family’s Very British Adventure

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The world calls the Falkland Islands harsh and isolated. The Carters called it home….

In 1982, war brought The Falkland Islands into the spotlight. When Jennifer and her family put down roots in an unspoiled community on West Falkland, they can’t help but see the unruly climate and the close proximity to a frozen wasteland. How could a place like this be worth fighting for? 

The Carters quickly learn that the Falklands way of life is friendliness and self-sufficiency. Their new life becomes one of abundant wildlife and growing their own food, but it never strays from the island’s true British identity. 

Part homesteading, part off-the-grid, and all charm, this loving testimony to the resilient people of the islands will have you adding the Falklands to your bucket list in an instant. 

My Falkland Islands Life is the story of one family’s adventure in a sub-Antarctic British territory 8,000 miles from the United Kingdom. The Falklands are situated in the South Atlantic, to the east of Argentina, South America. Whether you live on the islands, plan to travel there, or enjoy a fascinating travelogue, you’ll love Jen Carter’s engaging memoir of a charming life at the bottom of the world. 

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