Three bank robbers are on the run following a rather unusual heist. They decide to seek shelter for the night in a tiny, seemingly harmless town. However, the following morning they awaken to discover that the town they chose is actually some form of disturbingly cheery utopia complete with sickly sweet citizens who have the rather odd habit of breaking into perfectly choreographed song and dance numbers.

When they try to leave, they discover that getting out of this bizarre little village may not be as easy as they thought. As night begins to fall and the far more sinister side of the town begins to emerge from the shadows, they begin to realize they may not be able to escape with their lives at all.

So, sing and dance along with our heroes! Impress your friends! Creep out your co-workers! Terrify strangers on the bus! As they try to fight their way past satanic show tune singers, shotgun-happy sheriffs, monsters, and more inĀ Musicarolina, a tale of monsters, demons, criminals, and fabulous musical numbers!


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