Murder on the Brewster Flats

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Some family secrets shouldn’t stay buried….

Music professor Gus LeGarde and his wife, Camille, are looking forward to a relaxing vacation at Paines Creek Beach on beautiful Cape Cod. But Gus barely has a chance to feel the sand between his toes before a near-miss car accident drags him right into the middle of a local family feud – and a centuries-old mystery that’s begging to be solved. 

2 reviews for Murder on the Brewster Flats

  1. Karlene McGibbon

    A nice relaxing vacation on Cape Cod…Ummm NO! Gus and his wife, Camille, have been looking forward to a much needed vacation in Paines Creek Beach, Cape Cod. The music professor has a penchant for solving mysteries but this time he plans to do nothing but relax. Except, fate doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo and, after a near-miss car accident, and saving the young driver, Gus is reeled in to solve a mystery! Lost treasure, centuries old family feud, hurricane and murder all lead to a very busy vacation. Great HEA and great job by the ‘new-to-me’ narrator. Now I have to catch up on the earlier mysteries!!

  2. Faith

    It seems Gus and Camille cannot seem to avoid adventure even on vacation. This is another great mystery. The two vacationers put their heads and skills together to unravel a centuries old mystery and a family feud that has lingered through several generations. Characters from some of his other books are introduced here as well. Just enough tease that it means there are more spellbinding mysteries in my future.

    I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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