Murder Is Such Sweet Revenge


Who says honeymoons aren’t dangerous? This one was murder! Private investigator Tom Logan and his girlfriend Rita finally tie the knot, choosing a turn-of-the-century beach resort on Coronado Island as their ideal honeymoon escape. Unfortunately what begins as a romantic getaway, ends suddenly with murder. A best-selling author is brutally killed on the night of a mystery writers’ convention, and Logan is forced to postpone their plans when drawn reluctantly into the case. During the course of the investigation, Logan meets an odd assortment of suspects that include: a soon-to-be ex-wife seeking monetary compensation, a jealous husband whose wife may be having an affair with the author, the writer’s male secretary who’s subservience to his boss was wearing thin, a lady mystery author with an agenda all her own, and a pair of publishers whom the writer accuses of plagiarism. A famous actor who plays a detective on the screen also makes a surprise appearance, as does a hotel ghost who just refuses to check out. Matching wits with a vengeful killer is what Logan does best, and he does exactly that in Murder Is Such Sweet Revenge.


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