Mountain Brides Series: 3 Book Series

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When life is filled with trouble, all you can do is begin again.

When their father’s death brings scandal and troubled times to their family, sisters Rebecca and Clarissa Standish must do their best to start over.

In similar strife, young Texan Jessica is left to fend for herself as her guardian dies only to leave her with nothing.

The three girls find themselves left with no better option than to begin again as mail order brides and are soon enough tied to new families — who come with challenges of their own.

From surviving life in the isolated wilds of Montana, to learning to fit in with a family of six, the girls must do their best to navigate their new lives.

But life out West in Montana is tough and unpredictable, with new obstacles arising at any moment.

And for the three young brides from the South, they soon realise that finding love might just be the least of their worries.

This leaves the girls to wonder: How will they ever find their place in such a world?

Mountain Brides Trilogy is an intense chronicle of the trials of life and love. Will all be well for Jessica and the Standish sisters? Or will the challenges they face keep them from finding happiness and love?

1 review for Mountain Brides Series: 3 Book Series

  1. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    Here Come The Brides
    Does anyone remember that show? Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this series so much. The story starts off with one bride and her journey and her unlikely groom. On the train she meets his estranged son and the story takes off. This 3 books-in-one series carries the tale of this first bride throughout and adds more brides along the way. Each is exciting, interesting, and historical. A bit distracting at times when the flash backs filter in, but each story was so strong I was able to catch up. I thought the final story was the most entertaining when a groom’s sister shows up and brings a whole world of hurt with her. Great characters, interesting plot’s, and good narration.

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