Morphine: Killer on Call, Book 3


People are dying at Eastlake General Hospital. Is it an angel of Mercy?

Is it Vanessa? 

Or is Tim on the job again? 

Whichever it is, Avi has to find out quickly or Kissy could be next

Tim Goodenuff kills bad guys for a living. He loves his job. But even a world-class assassin needs help sometimes. 

Hang on to your seat because the Killer on Call series does not stop. Zip through murderous adventures as Tim ropes his dream girl, Kissy, and her boyfriend, Avi, into his ne’er-go-right assignments. 

They may survive. But at what cost? 

Welcome to a series filled with danger, drama, and a really dumb assassin.

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#1: Ecstasy

#2: Gin

#3: Morphine

#4: Valium

#5: Pot

#6: Absinthe

       (Rehab not included.)


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