More than Survival

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This is a romance novella set in a post-apocalyptic world. It switches perspectives, bouncing back and forth between a female and a male POV.

Lucy was just nine years old when a deadly virus swept the country, killing most of the population and turning them into zombies. For the past 11 years, she’s lived in seclusion with her Uncle Seamus, a prepper who was more than ready for the end of the world. But all of Lucy’s skills are put to the test when Seamus disappears, leaving her to face the harsh winter on her own.

Sawyer went into the mountains to escape his past, and when he stumbles upon Lucy in the middle of a blizzard, he doesn’t think he’s ready for the responsibility having another person in his life will bring.

Only, Lucy isn’t as helpless as she first appeared, and as they brave the long winter together, Sawyer will soon come to learn that even at the end of the world, there’s more to life than just survival.

3 reviews for More than Survival

  1. Shan MC

    Listened with Audible. Narrator does a good job. She’s a little stiff at times, but gives a clear performance. It was a good listen.

    Love the setup for this story. Lucy lives with her uncle in a the middle of nowhere up on a mountain because there’s zombies on the loose. Lucy has lived in seclusion for 11 years; she’s 20 now. She hasn’t gone anywhere or seen anyone besides her uncle in all this time. When her uncle doesn’t come back when he’s supposed to, Lucy needs to survive on her own during a horrible snow storm. Sawyer is a 31 year old man, who lives a secluded life in the mountains as well. He ends up stranded with Lucy after he finds her needing some help. Lucy is naïve and sheltered about a lot of things; especially dealing with a man. There’s a bit of a slow burn romance going on, while these two learn more about each other and surviving. I love this type of scenario; I find it lots of fun. I liked both characters, and the connection between the two was great. I wanted more zombie action; this story deals more with the dangers from the men that can’t control their urges. It’s a tough world for all, but there’s that extra danger added for women. A fully entertaining story, but the ending was too abrupt. I’m not sure if there’s going to be more story with these characters, but I’d like if there was. I still enjoyed the sweet, sexy connection between Sawyer and Lucy. Love the post apocalyptic world the story is set in. Looking forward to checking out more from this author.

  2. M Phelps

    This is the 3rd in this series that I have listened to. Each book is different stories during this time of a zombie apocalypse. This a sad and sweet story in one. I love how the author makes each story unique and showing a different situation across the country of how people survived or didn’t. Great job and so happy I found a new author. The narrator did a great job!

  3. RJ

    We are treated to a delightful, sweet love story. Kate L. Mary once again performs a linguistic spa treatment to our troubled hearts and minds. I’ve been a solid fan of Ms. Mary since my first introduction to her endless talent. Every book hits home for me. As I listen, I recall past friendships and relationships. Half the time I sit with a silly grin on my face, my mind picturing the scene, and more often than not, feeling the emotion of the moment. That’s an extraordinary talent for a writer to possess, no doubt enhanced by Amber Morton’s stunning narration. Contrary to the gushing, Ms. Mary may have stumbled slightly this time around. Cliff hangers, abrupt endings, and loose ends have left a little sour taste in fan’s mouths. Although this does seem a bit unusual for this author. The stories in this series did seem to be stand-alone novellas, so I’m unsure if there will be a sequel to this tale. It certainly deserves one. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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