Monster Girl Galaxy (Book One)


Monster Girls! 

Sick Plasma Gun Firefights! 


And More Monster Girls! 

Dalton Wade, aka “The Cooler”, is a mega superstar pro wrestler and KAW World Heavyweight Champion. One day his life takes an unexpected turn, and he finds himself transported to a strange new world that is governed by video game-like rules. 

What the heck is going on? 

Why is Dalton seeing strange blue screens pop up in front of him? 

He is quickly swept up into an intergalactic fight for survival in this science fiction gamelit adventure. However, things aren’t all bad for our hero. This new world is overflowing with sexy monster girls that help Dalton along the way in more ways than one. Fox girls, dragon girls, bunny girls, lamias, and more fill the world of Zorth. They are more than just eye candy. They have unique talents and abilities. 

Will Dalton thrive in this new world? 

Can he handle his unique class? 

Can he manage his growing harem of diverse monster girls? 

This action-packed harem gamelit novel contains violence, profanity, and unconventional relationships with a multitude of hot monster girls. If you are fine with debauchery and love listening about monster girls, this book is for you! What are you waiting for? 


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