Miss Hewitt Investigates the Man in the Tree

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Book 2 in the Miss Hewitt Investigates series

It is London 1915, and Great Britain is at war with Germany. Feelings are running high as the liner the Lusitania has just been sunk off the Irish coast and zeppelin raids have begun on London. Stylish lady detective Miss Isabel Hewitt is approached by a young convalescing soldier Captain Alex Fraser. He is anxious to trace his natural mother, as he was given away at birth. Isabel agrees to take on the case even though she suspects the mother may be a friend of hers. Her inquiries eventually lead her to Brighton, where Captain Fraser is staying. But a girl’s body has just been found on Hove beach, and soon Isabel is forced to look into it with shocking results..

1 review for Miss Hewitt Investigates the Man in the Tree

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A young man seeks Ms Hewitt’s assistance with finding his birth mother.
    In the process another situation causes Ms Hewitt to assist in investigating a crime which the young man had been accused of commiting.
    Again, this series is similar to another couple of female detective stories that have previously been released. I suppose it is the era when woman doing what was previously deemed a man only occupation is part of the attraction of the genre. Each story is individual as the crimes and the people participating in them.

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