Miracle Man: The Rise of an Anti-Christ



*** 2023 Literary Titan Book Award Recipient
*** 2023 Book Excellence Award Finalist: Horror

Miracle Man: The Rise of an Anti-Christ by horror master Ken Stark might be the most horrifying portrayal of mankind’s inner demons ever written.

“Author Ken Stark has written a gut-wrenching horror fiction story. Miracle Man had me on a roller coaster of emotions. At first, it was all roses and sunshine, and then the light switched, and everything became darker, appalling…yet intriguing. The character development of Milton, now Elijah Zion, is intense and mind blowing.” ~ LITERARY TITAN REVIEW

“The writing is smooth as silk, the dialogue mesmerizing and the pacing relentless. This might be the most intense book I’ve ever read.” ~AMAZON REVIEW

“… a gripping horror novel that takes readers into a spiritual battle that will alter human existence. Ken Stark has written characters that readers will love and hate, but one thing is for sure, they will not forget them. This work of art was unapologetically flawless. Therefore, I recommend this book to dark fantasy and horror-loving readers.” ~ LITERARY TITAN REVIEW

Milton Fisk was a good man, once.
Then came the day when he discovered his gift.

He can heal with a touch.
He can resurrect the dead.

Now known as Elijah Zion, Miracle Man, he is worshipped by billions. Kings and presidents bow before him. He is the most powerful man on Earth.

But it is not enough…


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