Minding Benji

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Prudence Fairchild went from riches to rags. The world she knew was swept from under her with the death of her parents. Destined to a life of servitude, she realizes the struggles of being poor comes with the risk of being taken advantage of.

She uses everything in her to ward off the advances of her employer. His threats to have her on his return from a business trip drives Prudence into action. She must get away and protect her virtue at any cost. It’s all she has left. As a last resort, she answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride.

Austin Alwin is not happy about the condition placed on him in his uncle’s will. If he is to keep the only home he’s ever known, he must find a wife within a few weeks or lose it all. As time is of the essence, he forgoes all the usual protocols in obtaining a mail order bride and will only have a few short days to make up his mind once he meets her.

Both Prudence and Austin are about to have a life altering decision to make as they are faced with an unexpected addition to their pending nuptials.

Will this bundle of joy pull the couple together or tear them apart?

4 reviews for Minding Benji

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A young girl, orphaned and left in supposed safe hands, find that the husband in the house as nefarious designs on her.
    Her escape and consequently the taking charge of her nephew, may have put her safety in jeopardy.
    It must have taken courage for gentlee women to cross a continent, in times when traveling unescorted was frowned upon. However, many were escaping unsuitable situations, praying that what they were heading to would be better.
    With a shortage of “God fearing” women, a man really didn’t know what would land on his doorstep, when asked a bride to join him.

  2. Lori Dykes

    This entire series is amazing and I have loved every one. The storyline and the narrator are truly the best. I love everything by Sandra Sinclair. Her stories warm the heart and make me sigh with happiness!

  3. Faith

    The story is so sweet. Of course, there are ups and downs, but in the end it all works out, which I love in a book. I’ve just recently discovered books by this author and will be looking for more.

    The narration was acceptable.

    I requested this audiobook from the author and am voluntarily leaving this review.

  4. Benita Dilley

    In this enjoyable, lightly Christian, mail order bride story, Prudence turns to arranged marriage to escape an aggressive lascivious employer and travels West to meet Austen, who has to marry to keep his home.

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