Mile High Death

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The sea didn’t have her long enough to ravage her broken body. Her beauty is still intact, her pale lips slightly parted in the memory of her last breath, her dark hair clinging to her face in long, wavy strands. Every inch of her skin bears testimony of her terrifying fate at the hands of the man who never expected her to be found. 

After the body of a brutally murdered young woman is recovered from the Gulf of Mexico far from shore, FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett is called in to assist with the profiling of the murderer. Although only one body has been found, every detail about the gruesome crime points to the work of a serial killer. 

Have there been others, left to die far at sea, where no one will ever find them? Is there a connection to be found, or is Tess searching for evidence that doesn’t exist? 

Partnering with Detective Michowsky, Tess is frantically looking for answers in the case that left no evidence other than a body that was never supposed to be found. How many others perished like her? And how many others will? 

1 review for Mile High Death

  1. Julie Howard

    The master of suspense is back with another great read. I really love Leslie Wolfe’s books especially the Tess Winnett series, she is such a strong character that doesn’t take an prisoners. I read the book and knew as soon as it was out as an audio book then I had to add it to my collection. So glad I did because even though I knew what was going to happen I think I enjoyed it even more than the book version. The story is told by two perspectives, Tess as she hunts down the killer by putting the clues together and the killer as he explains why he became what he is. This worked well in my opinion as it explained the plot and clues as the story unfolded. I just wish it had been longer. Can’t wait for the next book by this very talented author.
    When the body of a woman is found floating in the sea, FBI agent Tess Winnett is called in because there is no way this is the killers first victim- the perfect body dump as sea water washing the body clean of clues and the animals finish it off . With very little evidence to go on and only the idea that there must be other bodies Tess must retrace her footsteps and hope that leads to finding out who the other victims are. First she will have to work out how she died. Will questioning her work colleagues lead them to a clue or someone to question next? With the dead woman boss acting shifty and the hotel she stayed at while on a business trip bing less than helpful Tess feels time is running out for another girl.
    Gwendolyn Druyor is my favourite narrator. She uses her voice to express so much emotion and joy that it is a real pleasure to listen to. I am so glad that this winning team have paired up and I hope they continue working together on future books.

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