Megan’s Followers

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“Megan’s Followers” is the fifth volume of twenty-three in the Megan Series. Our psychic teen, Megan, has recently turned thirteen, so her rather strict parents are allowing her to open social media accounts for the first time. She takes to it like a duck to water, but soon realises that you need to be careful too when going online, because her ghost tiger, Grrr, can’t defend her there.

The Megan Series is for people of all ages who are interested in psychic matters.

The first four volumes are also available free on Audiobooks Unleashed.

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2 reviews for Megan’s Followers

  1. Nicollette Blackeagle

    This book really gives you something to think about when talking or dealing with social media such a Twitter or Blogs. I was amazed at how much detail the author goes into about things I never really thought of before. I highly recommend this book to tweens, teens and the adults who love them. I received this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and this us my honest opinion. Amazing book.

  2. Owen Jones

    Megan is a lovely kid!

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