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Golan is pillaging the galaxy, harvesting planets for Synthnic and destroying entire civilizations in the process. Only The Renegade, a group of warriors whose worlds were ripped away by Golan, dare to fight back.

Lily is a commander in the Renegade and leads a small team that relocates civilizations before their planets are destroyed. During an ambush Lily comes face to face with Ulrick, one of Golan’s strongest generals, and a fire ignites that threatens to consume her.  

Ulrick has lived his life trying to redeem himself; to ensure that his sacrifices were not for nothing. He has grown tired of the fear he sees in other’s eyes, and of all the destruction around him. The time has come to finally make his move.

Ulrick had long ago given up on the idea that his match existed, until one day the stagnant markings on his arm begin to churn.  

While ancient Hilian rituals demand that the two are meant to be together, time and war have dirtied what may have once been a whirlwind romance.

1 review for Matched

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This book could have been so much better at 5 hours instead of 10 (Audible version). It’s an enemies-to-lovers “SciFi” story with “fated mates,” the dutiful love triangle, frantic battles (way too many) and a HEA with cliff-hanger ending. Average at best. I received a free copy from Audiobooks Unleashed!

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