Marigolds in October

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DI Milly Jenson spent the best part of a year haunted by a case that saw her demoted – one that resulted in the deaths of three colleagues, the kidnap victim, and the suspect. So when a spate of similar kidnappings occur in Perth, Scotland, Milly isn’t thrilled when she’s sent to work with the local PD.

DCI Craig Fraser doesn’t want some English plod interfering with his case, especially one with a reputation for incompetence. But it seems the lovely detective inspector knows the killer and may be their only hope.

But as Craig gets to know her, another problem emerges. Can he keep his professional and personal lives separate? Or are he and Milly on a collision course that will have drastic consequences for everyone?

1 review for Marigolds in October

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Millions was a cop, that had been demoted because of deaths of officers on her case.
    Now, the same MO as that perp, was in another serial murder case, but this time in Scotland. So that’s where the British Police sent Milli, after all, she knew the previous case better than anyone else.
    However, there was opposition from the existing staff, as well as someone tampering with evidence and computer files.
    Suspense and explosive drama sees a possible lose of Milli, as the killer sought revenge.
    Oh,the romance was somewhat hot as well!
    This series just gets more intense with each episode.

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