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Josephine Parker travels from New York to a town on the Western Frontier in the company of her aging Aunt Agatha to marry Paul Stockton, the son of a cattle baron. Josephine’s father despaired of ever finding a husband for his willful and headstrong daughter, and Josephine found the expectations of life as a high society lady oppressive. Excited and optimistic about escaping the suffocating confines of her upbringing for the uncertainty and self-determination of the West, Josephine finds her hopes dashed when she discovers that her intended groom has died in the interval of their travel.

When Aunt Agatha takes to her bed to await the return train to New York, Josephine slips out on her own to investigate the town, but to her surprise, finds Andrew Stockton, the brother of her intended groom, at her door and inviting her to venture out on horseback with him to explore the area before she leaves.

Through Andrew’s encouragement, she throws off the shackles of her inhibitions to learn what truly makes her happy. Before long, Josephine uncovers a side of herself she never knew existed which answers the unfulfilled needs of her heart and leads her to her ultimate destiny.

1 review for Mail Order Bride Josephine

  1. Janalyn Prude

    This is the first time In the history of reading mail order bride stories, that I did not like the bride. She was very rude and belittling to her aunt who only told her she wanted what was best for her and although the aunt was kind of annoying as well. She was still her elderly in yet. As the story went on in front of the grooms family who had sadly passed away Two weeks before, she acted as if she was the sweetest most logical person. I also didn’t like how long she stared at the laundry workers she thought to herself how terrible that they make them work all day. Even though she herself treated the laundry and the blacksmith as if they were museum pieces to be stared at. Also she had no clue how long these people work day today. In any event I listen to the whole story And I was very happy with the ending. Because by then I kind of started liking her. I am very picky when it comes to historical books. So I must honestly say that most people will probably like this book. So I recommend it to those who love mail order bride stories or historical romances. I want to thank audio unleashed for giving me this book in exchange for my honest opinion and this is my honest opinion. I also want to say the narrator did a great job and the author does write some wonderful books. That’s the reason I downloaded this one, but you can’t win them all.

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