Mail Order Alice (Western Mail Order Brides)

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Ever since her father became too ill to work, Alice Abrams knows he can’t support her anymore on his army pension. So, Alice decides to sign up for Mrs. Emily Bronwick’s mail order bride service. 

As well as starting a new life for herself, she wants to ensure her father’s financial security. She is delighted when the service matches her with Mr. Arthur Emerson of Bend, Oregon. But her closest friend, childhood playmate, and confidante Jesse McDowell objects bitterly to the plan.

He doesn’t want to let Alice out of his life so easily. Imagine Alice’s surprise when she boards the train to leave her home town of Greensborough, North Carolina! Jesse appears at the train station and announces, “I’m going with you.” 

Although initially reluctant to accept Jesse’s help and support through the trials and hazards of the journey, Alice quickly recognizes her good fortune at having someone with whom to face her uncertain future.


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